A Prayer Walk with Jesus

What is the biblical foundation for prayer? Is prayer limited for emergencies and crisis?

1. Early in the morning, Jesus went by himself to pray. (Mark 1:35)

  • Jesus began His day with prayer

2. Jesus prayed before Baptism. (Luke 3:21)

  • God’s power released on bended knees. This is God’s way of empowering.
  • The Church needs His power to be His witness

3. Jesus often withdrew by Himself to pray. (Luke 5:16)

  • Prayer was a habit with Jesus.
  • Not occasional prayer but frequent.

4. Jesus spent all night in prayer (Luke 6:12)

  • All night prayer was practiced by Jesus.

5. Jesus prayed privately (Luke 9:18)

  • Jesus spent alone time in prayer

6. Jesus dismissed the crowd and went to pray (Matt 14:23)

  • Jesus applied discipline in His prayer life. He knew when to dismiss the crowd
  • We may need to shut off the TV and other distractions to pray.

7. Jesus prayed with His disciples (Luke 9: 28)

  • He demonstrated and shared the importance of prayer to His disciples.

8. After Jesus finished praying ..(Luke 11:1)

  • The disciples wanted to know how to pray,
  • The prayer life of Jesus motivated His disciples to pray.

9. Always watch and Pray (Luke 21:37)

  • End time days are near. Prayer is the need of the hour.
  • Our busy lives are no excuse not to pray.

10. In the last days of Jesus’ life on earth… He prayed. (Heb 5:7)

  • This is the auto-biography of Jesus.
  • He did many miracles but prayer was the most important aspect of His life
  • We may do great things in the name of Jesus, but are we people of prayer?

Prayer was not a part of Jesus’ life, but prayer was His life!

– Thomas Samuel (from his book ‘Dynamics of Intercessory Prayer’)