Prayer Drive – North Eastern States

Prayer Drive 3 DSC_0770

We prepared our hearts before starting our prayer drive with the worship song “break my heart with what breaks yours”. Our theme being “concern for the cities” as said in Jonah 4:11 “should I not be concerned about that great city,” God’s concern became our concern.

DSC_0518Northeast  megalopolis is the area  stretching  between southern suburbs of Washington DC to the northern suburbs of Boston and is the most powerful and influential region.

It  has a rich historic heritage, home of over 50 million people including the President, headquarters of many companies great and small, highway of the busiest network of all modes of transportation, hub of political, financial, social, educational and spiritual activities, is heavily urbanized and therefore we headed to pray for this part of the country.
The team of seven”the perfect number” drove away to north east from Richmond to Maine in fall, the time of the year with beautiful foliage.

DSC_0152Day 1: Oct 10
We started our journey by praying for Henrico and Richmond remembering the rich heritage; and for our neighborhoods and our communities.
DSC_0196The ten hour long journey stretched through Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Wilmington DE, Edison NJ, Manhattan NY and finally to Bridgeport CT. We travelled through each city and state and prayed for churches, institutions of learning, corporations and those in authority, remembering the heads of the cities, states and the country.

DSC_0229Day 2: Oct 11
Wearing the armour of God as in Eph 6:11-18, we travelled through Providence, Rhode Island to Plymouth, Massachusetts, America’s hometown.

Remembering the Mayflower compact upon which the nation was formed and built, we prayed at Mayflower replica and Plymouth rock.
We went to visit and pray at Harvard University, remembering the purpose with which it was established, to train Christian ministers; and it’s motto: VERITAS Christo Et Ecclesiae meaning, Truth for Christ and the Church.
We headed to Boston, brilliant in everyway, praying for that great city and joined for a night of fellowship and prayer at Bro Raju Tadigiri’s residence. We had a blessed time of intercession and fasting prayer and prayed especially for USA, New England, India, Israel and the city of Jerusalem of which God has commanded us to pray.

DSC_0319Day 3: Oct 12
We had a very busy schedule planned for Saturday. We headed to a pastors prayer meet at Waltham, MA where we lifted in prayer the core issues in countries like Pakistan, Srilanka, Saudi Arabia, Syria etc. We shared the vision of  driving through the length and breadth of the land, building a highway, removing the stones, preparing the way and raising the banner of Christ. We sang our prayer drive song “who will stand before me; here we are Oh Lord”.  The team performed a skit depicting a profound message about the character Jonah, “turning his concern into God’s concern.”DSC_0346

We then drove to Portland, Maine to meet Bro Rajan, who shared with us the need of sowing of the seed of the word of God in Maine, stating that the harvest is plentiful and that people are receptive to the message of the gospel. We  joined him in praying for laborers to be sent and raised in that part of the country.

DSC_0369We headed to Nashua, NH praying with the statistics we had about the place and the people. We met with the believers there and prayed for the church and the country.
We went to Sis. Jaya’s house for the night, resting on His promises, we were ready for yet another assignment of intercession.


Day 4: Oct 13                                                             DSC_0626
We travelled through the scenic fall foliage praising God, and through busy city streets of Queens New York praying for the many ethnic groups that reside there. We  attended Sunday night service at TCCNY Church and met with the Pastor and Elders. We were mutually encouraged in the ministry of ‘intercession at location’.  DSC_0729

We claimed the city and its people for Christ alone knowing that NewYork is a much sought after Big Apple. We drove through bridges and boulevards, praying at land marks and walked through the crowded and bright lit streets of Time Square.

Day 5: Oct 14
We woke up to our final day of the Prayer Drive in New Jeresy and lifted this city in prayer as we drove to our final destination Philadelphia. The Word for this day is Isiah 58. We committed ourselves to helping the hopeless and the needy we come across.

DSC_0844We visited some historic sites and remembered the phrase, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the unalienable rights endowed by the creator to all mankind as written in the Declaration of Independence.

We also visited the liberty bell on which is etched “Proclaim liberty throughout the land and all its inhabitants”. We remembered the freedom that God gives us and the freedom that this nation offers. We thanked God for the freedom of choice He gives to mankind and prayed that we choose Him above everything else.

We had our final meeting at Crossings Church in Philadelphia, where we prayed for the city of Philadelphia and for a revival.

DSC_0920We concluded our prayer drive with increased enthusiasm following the example of Jesus “Zeal for your house consumes me” and with plans to go to the nations, following the words of Jesus “My house shall be called the house of prayer for all nations”.