Prayer Drive 2014

Lotus 2India is a colorful country with many hues, each distinct and beautiful in its own way depicting  many cultures traditions, languages, regions, landscapes etc…. When I pass through the villages and cities, neighborhoods and streets of India with its innumerable people, I sense the presence of the almighty God who created these precious people and placed them in this land.

St. Thomas, the apostle came to India in 52 AD and preached the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ and was martyred in a place called Mylapore in south India. Christianity in India is as old as the earliest churches planted by Thomas and watered by the early pioneers who came from across the seas. The earliest denominations that emerged and developed through the years still exist and are vibrant in many parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The culture and heritage of early Christianity can be seen in many fabrics of Christendom in Kerala. The words spoken by Thomas “My lord and my God” became the motto of many early Christian denominations and are seen engraved and scripted in church buildings, on the walls of homes of the clergy and the layman and also at the tomb of St Thomas.india-prayer-drive-1

Our desire and heart’s cry for the land of India is that it’s people will receive the answer that Jesus gave to Thomas “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me” and that they in turn will echo the words of Thomas spoken of Jesus ‘My Lord and My God”

Many Indian Christians are strong and passionate in their faith and have an inspiring story to tell the world about their encounter and walk with Christ on how they found Jesus in their darkness, disease, defeat and doubt.

“asato mā sadgamaya;tamasomā jyotir gamaya ;mrityormāamritam gamaya” which means, “From untruth lead me to truth, from darkness lead me to light, from death lead me to immortality

That is an ancient prayer that most Indians pray. Our prayer during this prayer drive is that they find the answer by receiving Jesus Christ, who is the truth, the light and the giver of eternal life.


Prayer Drive Day1: Aug 3rd, 2014

We started from Hyderabad on Aug 3rd, 2014 at Pastor Prakash’s church: Sion Fellowship, Vanasthalipuram . We shared the word on intercession to around 150 church members on Sunday morning and prayed with them for the nation and the city of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Church





We travelled to Khammam, praying and worshipping God and arrived in the evening at Pastor Nathanial’s church. We were welcomed by around 300 church members who joined with us in pray and intercede for India, the global church and the city of Khammam.

Prayer Drive Day2: Aug 4rd, 2014


From Khammam, we travelled to the east coast of Andhra Pradesh through Vijayawada and arrived in Guntur. We joined with a few members of Bethel Church where Pastor Sudhakar and his family led us in a wonderful time of worship. We then shared with them the importance of praying for the nations and had a great time of intercession in their church.

Prayer Drive Day3: Aug 5rd, 2014kakinada-prayer-drive-team_0

The next day, we drove through the coastal towns and villages, along green rice fields and coconut trees.  Stopping now and then to drink tender coconuKakinada - Prayingt milk and eat fresh fruit sold along the road, we arrived in a fishing village near Kakinada. Pastor Vijay Kumar of Sharon Gospel Church welcomed us and arranged a boat ride to visit and pray at the church of his associate Pastor Ruben.

We arrived back that evening and preached and prayed with a group of believers from Sharon Gospel Church. We also had the privilege to visit and pray with some beautiful children from their orphanage.

Prayer Drive Day4: Aug 6rd, 2014Happy Home Group

On our return drive back to Hyderabad, we stopped in Khammam and had the amazing experience of visiting ‘Happy Home’. This is a home for the unwanted, often left for dead Happy Home Worship1children who are born with AIDS. Brother Laxmaiah and his wife started this home where around 60 orphaned children of AIDS infected parents get a second chance at life. They receive medicine, food, shelter and above all the love and happiness of a home with a father and mother. I was mSpeking to Happy Home Childrenoved to tears when I saw this couples’ biological children, live, eat and play with all the AIDS infected children as one big happy family.

Bro. Laxmaiah, a former Hindu, found the love of God through the Lord Jesus Christ and now shares that same love with these neglected and unwanted children. Visiting Happy Home was truly an amazing experience!