7 Characteristics of an Intercessor

1. Intercessors see and hear things through God’s eyes.

  • Seeing things through God’s eyes is different than seeing the word with our eyes
  • Only when we are able to see the world and it’s situations as God sees them, can we get the burden for intercessory prayer (Neh 1:1-5)

2. Intercessors are broken men and women of God.

  • The things that we see through God’s eyes may break our hearts. What breaks God’s heart must break ours. Only then can true intercession begin.
  • God’s Prophets were all broken men. (Jer 8:21)

3. Intercessors do not use God for their own benefit when they pray. Instead, they allow God to use them.

  • Intercessors can become God’s channels of blessing to others. Abraham was called of God not only to be blessed but also to be a blessing.

4. Intercessors are marked by God (Eze 9: 1-5)

  • God takes note of Intercessors
  • Daniel was called ‘ greatly beloved’ by God, after he began interceding for his people.
  • The Angel put a mark on the foreheads of those who mourn for the land.

5. Intercessors are called to lead a disciplined and holy life.

  • God will not hear us when we hide unrepented sin in our lives.

6. Intercessors are great givers of their time and money.

  • Prayer and good deeds go together. (Isa. 37)

7. Intercessors can change the mind of God!

  • Moses changed God’s mind. (Ex 32:32, Ps 106:23)
  • If the nation intercedes with repentance, God will forgive the nation and heal the land. (2 Chr 7:14)

– Thomas Samuel (from his book ‘Dynamics of Intercessory Prayer’)